giovedì 29 agosto 2013

The lending club story - Peter Renton

Small book of 73 pages that explain the advantages & risks in approach on investing or take a loan from a Lending Club perspective in U.S. law. The history start in mid 2000 and now with SEC approval in 28 states is permit to invest small sums into low rates loans or to take through a selective procedure an borrow without banks intermediation. This new form allow via internet the easy contact and concession of money in some degrees of ranks of debt, yield up 13% per year.

giovedì 15 agosto 2013

Trading Price Action Reversals - Al Brooks

The most complete book that I had read about trading.. It is surprising! Any chapter, starting from examples of trading reversals and through climatic, major trend, triangles, final flags, failures, double top and bottom, time frames, premarket/after, patterns various for finally get explained on the chapter 24 "putting it all toghether" are detailed view of equity and forex markets from technician perspective, not solely for experts..

Great job, well written. Thanks to author

sabato 3 agosto 2013

Investing in equity crowdfunding - Stephen Laczniak

This short story (56pp..) is a simple explanation of new crowdfund act and how undestand the right measure of risking & investing in equity crowdfunding in U.S., the new possibility for enterpreneurship and creating monetary values. Obviously the others forms of funding arranged versus no profit and others are short debated in this book, but the highlights are for opportunity, cost and compliances and risk that these new ways for matching money.
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