mercoledì 11 maggio 2016

Employment and Social Developments in Europe in 2015 - European Commission

These 465 pages report of EU show the status of employment & social situation in 2015.
Many datasets are available. The wide description of the actual legislation and the prospect for the future introduce the reader in the depth of the many issues. From 2005, in general, the nordic countries had performed better than the southern, and after the crisis the performance is been worst for employment, the statistics show that the pensions sustain the rest of unemployed people, where small sums of social transfer not give relief, but are diminishing in percentage continuously. The liberalization of the job market and the elevation of education generally produce more possibility for the new people to entry in the job, but what is missing is the mobility inside EU, the language barrier is still present. Various graphics tell the same story, that is the gap between North and South Europe, with many nuances, however the hope is that the Europe continue to improve the way of integration through a common market and great alignment of systems to manage the passage from industrial economy to the services, also in eastern and southern countries when the demographic side is toward depopulation now ongoing and that could develop more and more jobs or alternatively the living conditions with the introduction of the basic income.

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