lunedì 13 giugno 2016

Public Universities and Regional Growth - Martin Kenney, David C. Mowery

Insights from the University of California is the subtitle and the very point of view for the reader. Starting from semiconductor innovation to the evolution of biotechnology, electrical engineering or local wireless industry and finally the wine area of Napa Valley, the total is a description of changes from the in the history of research, initially financed from NSF - National Science Foundation until today to the public/private venture.
Numbers and actors are aligned in this book in a very fair discussion that providing us a detailed bibliography in the end. What is more convincingly is that the continuous changing in the history of research is heading toward the future, starting from the exchange of ideas through people from the various backgrounds that span from the academic environment to the industries sectors,
some themes are complex, but the authors use a good chronological method, joining the innovation from the idea to the commercialization, that meaning that the theoretical part of studies meet the practical application in the market. The prosperity and jobs owe much to this interaction.

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