martedì 6 settembre 2016

The Vertical Farm - Dickson Despommier

That is a conceptual and practical book from an ex-professor of microbiology. The ideal part is often intertwined with the facts. From 2010 many hydroponic farms were born. In deep many problems like feeding the world, were the global ecological equilibrium start from can be treated in a new form. Not new agricultural lands, but reuse of any kind of resources in a limited space is almost possible with the help of LED lights and various technology. The optimism isn't only of the facade, but just take the prompting from the digital revolution trying to bring us a new mindfulness, but however is difficult to simplify the life without a new business model organization, leaving out the water wastage and turn toward a pragmatic program of building the short food chain. A rich bibliography ended the 300 pages of the book. Very smart and fast reading, graphic included.

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