domenica 17 luglio 2016

Take back the land - Max Rameau #gentrification

This little book shows the American way of life for the poorest, in particula in Miami, Florida.
Undoubtedly the gentrification is seen being underlying as a system of power that control the land and the economic liberties in the final instance. The racial question is at center in the USA and this model now tend to cover the entire world. The story however tell us of the human beings united for struggle in the name of their rights in a community named "Take back the land".
Every day from august 2007 to august 2008 remember us the difficulties of taking step by step closer decisions and the epilogue alongside the subprime crisis, without taking the land. The black community ideally has defeated the system of power, but in 2016 we can see steps back toward violence. A book that is worth to be read.

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