sabato 9 maggio 2009

about Boinc cooperations

I will thank the friends about their cooperation to distribuite computing with boinc.. Now we are 15 computers connected only in Padola (800 inhabitants in high mountain in dolomites)..

You can check here

Boinc is the powerful software for challenges in many sector of scientific research, I think about fight to AIDS, cancer & others diseases.

The basic philosophy "if you can participate You must partecipate" with single unit of computing processor, whose you choose the projects among of many themes and nations.
The task is completed in varius frames, consequential. The computer processor work only when you want & @ %'s that you want..

For example, 1 pc had 3ghz of processor, the owner of machine enstablish the percentage due to work with Boinc & time (usually 100% for each). The work is flexible, if one program as Autocad run, Boinc instead that use 100% of capacity, use 60% now, 30% after open Mozilla togheter, 100% when all of progam are closed or if I browse with freeware lightest programs for any application.. These works, shared with a central servers, are only a mathematical calculation that in the past claim a lot of peoples, mathematician who calcolated in closed rooms for reaching the result as well as the flight to moon, needed an accurate control of probability..
Today the new challenge across Distibuted Computing in a word 3D models to simulate a expansions of universe or climate prediction.. that is possible, clearly lonely a long time from now to a very feedback to a society solution to apply.

My hope if you take a chance, please visit

& could concrete cooperation with me

for money?
for soul?

but sure for enjoy to going on in a new civil era of opportunities to discovery self human wellness

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