sabato 21 agosto 2010

The Long Tail - Chris Anderson

Reading of some years after publication this book represent a sum of conceptions that turn on tech sites. Is an explanation of the positive effect for market, "The Long Tail" is the tide of availability for anyone information or stuff crafts of man get easily takes from web advent 2.0. In comparison with the actual "monopoly" of Facebook, in Italy almost, but well telling not sure in the rest of the world, ok now in positive optimistic way, we can appreciate that this historic passage summarizes the realization of diminishing of the waste of time & cut down of prices of all products used & processed into vast scale. The new scenario give us an hope that the many inefficienses along communication & distribution in one world restricted alway more opportunity to pratical level of everyone's life; when I think for example to organize a trip or catch a unfindable book, but I hope in many services, as to get one job as happened to me in 2001 via internet, now I return to mine engagement in that I think will be the future of grid republic, or rather achievement of internet spirit, almost for free as scientific discovery, a democratization of every possibility of human consciousness.

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