giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

The Slums of Aspen - Lisa Sun-Hee Park, David Naguib Pellow

Great sociology book. Start from Aspen current affairs of today, the wonderland of America where in a small town of the Rocky Mountains there are a multitude of amenity alongside of the highest cost of living as New York or the Silicon Valley, many numbers support from earth resources consumption to waste. Continue to describe the difficulties of immigrant workers, or lowest wages workers, and their long travel to Aspen for job, from down valley. The racism question is all tale of the book, through many histories as the housing expansion problem that town city council faced in 1970's or the Nativist Environmentalism. Very good thing the examples of many migrants about healt care system or immigration policy of USA that seem to be not in favour of all citizens that pay taxes but only for the elites. Now, many pages are reserved in the second part of the book for the noun "Environmentalism racism" that make one unity for preserving elite's from their impacts of pollution versus immigrants condition of living or risk of detainment or eviction without the power of reject them in the rule of law. The proposals from the authors are caught from newest  organized associations, newspapers or movements born in the valley from migrants and some white communities for changing a fairly inequal society and denounce the injustice that born everyday in very thirst economy very as that as in Aspen. As stated from someone, biggest disparities in America are showed not in big city but in Aspen Colorado.

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