mercoledì 4 febbraio 2015

Earthmasters. The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering - Clive Hamilton

A go(o)d story. Starting from the last steps in internationals agreements, going through the technology evolutions. This second point is widely debated that try to explain how they works: storage carbon seems to be one of the most prominent technology, but in a global scale it require very big plants, for not to mention the complication that emerge in fertilizing oceans, oxydize oceans is much more complex of that happen at first glance with marine currents & deep life. Aereosol sulphur spraying is another possibility that try to get the sunrays less direct to the earth, but tentative diminishing the temperature, as, reflecting solar radiation the author tell that these technologies yet aren't ready to adopt in vast scale.

The second part concern more the ethical aspects and moral objections. Many controversies spring from the vision of promethean as said versus soterian; Hamilton show us and point out that the problem is in a whole stage of control, the impact have been intended to entire globe and is not easy to test the effects on the climate change, until the science confirm. The last part of the book involves some others consideration, when we think that the history of climate age, the glaciations are variable and could return in 50000 years, now we begin to ask ourselves if this approach is correct or we underestimate the cultural problem that is at base of all; when the effects promised could take place in many thousands of years, the change of economy via renewable can rescue us in centuries, in mindfulness almost every damage that the co2 would create now remain and literally change the human life on earth. The pragmatism now face the nature in a manner never seen before to get the solutions at hand.
Noticeable the bibliography.

Yale University Press 264 pages.

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