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Basic Income and the Free Market - Guinevere Liberty Nell

A good theoretical text writed by nine authors. The first problem could seems to be the theoretical justification of basic income in face to libertarians such as Austrians. It is well explained that one step beyond the perfect market equilibrium need to be put in place, of course it stemming from the finite resources of the planet and the fourth industrial revolution (automation) that could cause the loss of jobs. The analyzing work is showing us that now the increasing of bureaucracy and state weight in the USA economy it's changing our view or ethic in what is right or bad. This actual situation and the new redistribution problem means only that the old solution of free market can be fixed only partially and that the efficiency of the free market now can be sight conversely, and it is now should be preserved. In the European Union, where the pervasive position of the states in economy has supported the welfare state for decades, cause the almost the crack of Schengen, with the labour force mobility only verso northern states (lack of rule of law in the South). It's about of economics individual rights (later chapters).

How finance the basic income? Yes this is the central question. The scarcity of resources and the wasted resources in the name of "welfare benefits" once the new address is drawing the gradual shift toward "The Minimum Income", the Basic Income funded from the abolition of the others welfare state forms such as these, offer many insights here.

Evolution rather than Revolution? Yes the free time that can generate more affordability and entrepreneurial ideas. The Idea of free cities that grant a Basic Income via land lease and after that spreading through the nations is bound to the new Special Economic Zones with low taxes and the certainity of  Rule of Law, and is depicted for emerging economies such as Honduras experiment here described.

I would note that a new thinking is taking place in Europe and for such economies that cope the deflation: the QE4PEOPLE, it is summoned up as the creation of money in Eurozone and its distribution to the general population, without conditions and without new taxes. The "Whatever it takes" need to be updated in with aid of new ideas, the hypothesis to give 175€ a month for person; an appeal signed by economists and articles such as "Helicopter money" are published on Financial Times.

A cornerstone of my readings dated 2013 and published by Palgrave MacMillian.

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