sabato 8 ottobre 2016

The Misfit Economy - Alexa Clay, Kyra Maya Phillips

True stories from the world of business and personal redemption, a precious statement of independence from the tight opportunities offered by the society. From camel milk to collective hackers, from somali pirates to green economy it is revealing of the most unthinkable business in the 21th century, the 248 pages of the book are centered on the innovation and mindfulness that the circular/collaborative economy is the present. The open creative culture is also another way to cure human health, yet as much as the possibility for prisoners to change their life or those of their community. The barriers that crashed through the digital revolution is one result and push the boundaries yet beyond, the conclusion is that the "Entourages" mentality is the necessary game for society as a whole, the problems are in need of solutions and that 360° fast thinking will emerge with a new kind of equal contributors in a new  entrepreneurship collaborative class. Congratulations to the two authors Clay and Phillips for use the term Misfit as the conceptual idea of this book.

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