mercoledì 9 agosto 2017

Fusion Economics - Laurence J. Brahm

The fusion economics is an autobiographic journey through the experiences of the author as a consultant in China, Far East, Africa & so on. The years have changed many aspects of life in the poor countries, but globalization is the main factor in the whole planet. Without needing to doubt, the opening of the markets has driven a house of cards that force the poors to stand aside for many years to come. The resources scarcity and movements like Occupy are the fundamentals arguments treated that shed new light in the way of doing the things, if we do not face the climate change immediately the total cost of expenses to keep up with the human needs will continue to rise and the wars for resources breaking out anywhere. The very positive side is the New Consensus that is made of very interested persons in a trying to talk to each other from Global South to North rebalancing the exploitation and make living more sustainable. Less convincingly is the truth that small groups of peoples can change the world, I think that if more people are involved in to make things better.

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