giovedì 24 dicembre 2009

Green Metropolis - David Owen

An accomplished book for 2000's state of art of energy problems from an anthropological point of view. The problem of climate change was analyzing by side of what we can make really, no ideologic & a truly seek of peoples draw, from thiny modification (for example, to take the eat nearby house) until to control of births & going to live in city process already act (if UN statistics affirm that in 2002 peoples who live in cities are more of that they didn't). In particular the problem is that the changes of daily life, can only proceed with a system of incentive how a concentrated transit system, opposite a high cost of inefficient, as single own spreading box of toys (single car, single heating, etc..).

I had much pleasure to read Green Metropolis, maybe because in the old Europe & in Italy in particular, the new way that is affirms is the "old American style" where everybody can make with them cars what they want to pedestrians.

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