martedì 2 ottobre 2012

Hal Clifford - Downhill Slide: Why the Corporate Ski Industry Is Bad for Skiing, Ski Towns, and the Environment

How this book start is a description of several problems around ski industry as appear as mining industry in the last century and 10 years after first issue an overview from Amazon confirmed my doubt about proliferation of critics. 

Alps comparison is correct when we think of that huge amount of capital is needed, to fuel the sector.In Europe the public sector pay and in USA pay the worker with low wages; for example when the European Union imposed to dismount the pasture in South Tyrol isn't succeded 20 years after and now grants loans mainly to greats project as ski slopes.. 

But the author has shaped his ideas on USA situation of 2002 that show a three society in play for domino. At this point the real estate business play at first. The high profit and real gentrification is an obvious consequence.
The mistake is in Environmental Protection Agency when it leaves acres of soil to business profit. Turn around the business, often we can see high wage customers and poor people that not deciding nothing in his town because the economy is ever in lost considering the demographic scale of resident and houses living in contrast to houses empties. When the author analyze the problem of life cost, I live in mountain village in Dolomites, well it is the last stage of circuit, I will end with this phrase of last page of book, extrapolated from the positive examples of cooperative choice or skiing in natural snow at Silverton where isn't producted by guns:

..where a couple of folks who didn't like the status quo decided to change things, decided to reject what seemed inevitable and return to the roots that always have made this sport great. The lesson from Europe and from our own destruction of communities in the name of progress is that the time has come for Americans to set aside the concept of manifest destiny...

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