giovedì 8 novembre 2012

Dead aid - Dambisa Moyo

The recipe of free market as viewed it mean an extraordinary opportunity for growth and wealth in african people. It starts from post colonial history of indipendence of many africa nations as far as now in dependence of aid. Many billions of dollars have been wasted to various dictatorships. The analysis underscore and recall how the poverty of living standard derive not from commodities of Africa that has credit from world in this way, however the lacking of democracy have to be reviewed now that China has massive invested into continent. 

Ok the problem of western debt pour shadows in future, but the lever can come from the innovation of costums, as new generation of enterprenours with smartphone tend to be bankable and even global for certains aspects as transaction or potential of market, until we think of needs of Africa are in first the food or drink linked with exploitation of work that depend in large part from concentration of capital. The proposals of book was yet for creating of condition as Grameen Bank, small loans all over the world you know

Truthful book about the past, actually in this crisis be judged more carefully I think so the Chicago plan revisited just issued by IMF.

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