domenica 15 dicembre 2013

Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman

Very insightful it take a wide range through Kahneman works in 50 years, from him first experience in Israel army then to implementation of experiment subject to will and contrary. It seems to be easy lecture, but in advance of chapters it show more and more complexity.
Ok I read in italian the "Critica della ragione economica" that has been stood very difficult study for which he and Twersky had won the Economic Nobel Prize, but this is much influential on my opinions.
I learnt visual system is uncertain most of time in compare first impression; the most important achievement is of the two system of thinking, first of intuition and second for comparing to reasoning that are forming  in associative forms and illusions of its. Deep reading is worthy for "cognitive ease" an evaluation of systemic errors in judgement. Various examples from perception errors until statistics ignored give me an idea of charming apprehension process and in hectic attention for the future developments. It treat the Game theory and especially the loss aversion that stem in part from financials markets into ordinary life with much of it involve, as for the bets, much more for the choices of spend or cost/loss aversion in economy or in health topics. Finally retreating of two selves resembles to vocation that you know most of us have in determination of errors of others or in hurry of impulse of self that maybe this book scientific try explain & to focus on availability of system of thinking slow named "system 2" for better life. 500 pages.

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