martedì 22 dicembre 2015

Get paid for your pad - Jasper Ribbers - Huzefa Kapadia

The first Airbnb manual, it is an awesome journey in one of the latest opportunities of sharing economy. The 140 pages are descriptives, but also focused on how to take care of your future guest and gain from short rentals. Is a worth method to host people from around the world? And with which warranties? Overall the answer is yes, why this online platform is the most visible, reaching almost 34000 cities in 2015. Various structures are at disposal for the guest, the commissions paid by the host is 3% for every transaction and 6% for the guest. It's a option of hospitality and social recognition that provide many types of feedbacks for either the parts.

Many basics advices are briefly stated as: improve your ranking on through a detailed description, reviews and photos (professional service available from the platform). Managing the hospitality with aid of technology (digital locks are in promotion), so if the cleaning service is very important, is also important to highlight the various appliances and price stated.

Very ambitious is the part that treat the price settings, the positioning, the availability and refund policy, and finally how to manage the reviews and prompting positive in a way that could permit to gain an additional salary as claimed by many persons interviewed.

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