martedì 31 gennaio 2017

This changes everything. Capitalism vs the climate - Naomi Klein

This books is the state of the art of the debate about climate change. Dated back to 2014 the discussion through science and politics freed us from the widely shared misconception of cheap oil. What we use now and what we are doing is inestricably linked to the type of guarantee that we will leave to the entire human kind. The numerous notes aside are a just starting point for further research on the theme. The focus point on the "extractivism" can also be found on the famous book about political economy "Why nations fail" and each one treat are about the value and social contracts of democracy.

The concrete cases are reported as the history of trade and his agreements and the birth and evolution of environmentalism till the movements, however the science was treated with less weight than the political synthesis that we should actuate to stop the climate change and in the first part of the book.

Honestly the problem is markedly underscored as continuing growth of Co2 and very frankly the only option is to stop to emit the gases out in the atmosphere, but also the hope laid on a weird sensation is that the adoption of solar advanced technologies can help us to avert the same fate of Venus. Challenging.

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