venerdì 18 aprile 2014

End the FED - Ron Paul

End the fed try to explain the vicious circle of creating money until now from 1913 in the U.S.A.

Historical perspective was telling us that in the '800s money shocks were repeated, but always today are transformed in chaos almost every decade. The truth as point out by the author from libertarian point of view is so simple; the Federal Reserve create money out of thin air with favour of government, delinked from gold or real commodity; so debasing the dollar, postpone disasters as bubble bust in real estate or subprime, misunderstanding causes and prop up more monopolistic of central bank control. Thus by every economic cycles, tend to be very dangerous to material labour, move the burden on shoulders of other nations, through the wars or trillion of debts like triple size of GDP of USA that ought to private bankers, achieving the result of extract economies (described in book "Why nation fails") which splitting the values from monopolistic control of money from some private banks that are already been saved from U.S. government taking richness through injection of taxes of american & world peoples. These peoples can't undermine at basis this system like E.C.B. shows, but ongoing crash the entire economic and social system like in southern Europe actually does.

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