sabato 24 maggio 2014

The cost disease - William Jack Baumol

This book treat a fundamental problem of the economy, the cost disease. The starting point is from Health Care as a mirror of whole society trouble, because it mediate from static cost that decrease from informatics power and human cost of work that increase through inefficiences that appear more naturally as in Health Care. The prospect for the future however aim to reach more opportunities via simplification of dialogue between these two sciences, economy and informatics. Various examples are described here such as "Why Health-Care Cost Keep rising" & "What causes the cost disease, and will it persist?" or others chapters entitled "Hibryd industries and the cost disease", "Business service in Health Care" very well written to meaning that the people can survive nonetheless, although the continuosly many manifacturing products continue to cost decrease and vice versa as are the specific of this book, continue to increase. We can afford more cures that it was fifty years ago, with minus perils, but the cost of labor doesn't becomes more cheapest, the cost of single unit product should be more intertwined with efficency, cancelling unneccessary laws and waste in public sector. Here we hope that the balance can be achieved,

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