venerdì 19 settembre 2014

Social enterprise unraveled. Best practice from the Netherlands - Willemijn Verloop, Mark Hillen

Hi! This is the best book that I ever read about enterprises, the authors are engaged in the first person in the adventure. I think it would push toward an awareness that can bring ourselves in the new frame about business. Very pleasing reading, it mention many cases of various industry types that were borne in recent years in the Netherlands that give one job to impaired persons and pro-active role in society; not only this however, nicely it treat aspects as pollutants with electric cars of Taxi Electric in Amsterdam and others for the environment. Food companies are a big part of dealing of this small & concise book that argue about restaurants or food production and selling. Yeah! It's all about business as one man has told me on the Netherlands in last june at Whistleblowers conference to Amsterdam, but now after i visited various cities of that country and especially after reading this book, I think that positive example not missing. Giving they time for free to the neighbors or the farthest, don't leave us with void, but as described here the enrichment is tremendous when we think of our own world not only in monetary terms but maybe in civic terms and we can see that enterprise and profit are not conflicting or better, the social reinvestment of the profits is the right way to follow as to hire peoples with real job with innovative or rediscovered sectors of economy.

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