giovedì 4 dicembre 2014

ISCONTOUR 2014 Tourism Research Perspectives - Roman Egger and Christian Maurer

An insightful Book that is offspring from International Student Conference in Tourism Research held in Salzburg in may 2014. A collection of papers in a changing world of 312 pages. The methodology of introduction is almost the same through entire text, it present the premises of every study from idea for case study going into brief deepening of disfunctional causes & values of particularly concequences that the author try to understand and in some cases to modify in perception, through interview or practical issues.

Interesting are many chapters dedicated to ecotourism, skiing and the great openness to indicate the biggest extension through partecipation needed from bottom of local community that hosted the tourist in a language that combine business and social wellbeing. Important for example the case study of Austrians perception of climate change and skiing, where it was valued that in future the normal altitude for hold a ski resort would be perhaps 1800 meters above sea level (where ski is a national sport and income flow).

Naturally aspect as evaluation of advancement in tourism infrastructure and the new possibility to revive the heritages, the new media that are necessary for maintaining the visibility of destination. Another aspect in studies is a gender differences as a potential for diversity in offer and empowerment of local people. Curious are the reading of the new sectors as: music trips of youth german people, event perception/burnout. Some analysis are for the nationals tourism organization and in Spain one another. The last one is for the Corporate Social Responsibility.

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