domenica 14 dicembre 2014

The Dollar Trap - Eswar S. Prasad

This is a story of one world dominance in the form of fiat currency: the Dollar. The description begin with a recent history of economics events, the crisis and the causes borne them. The author doesn't hide the debt problem, tackle the focus from various theoretical backgrounds. Emerging markets for example, they aren't widely and structured markets for not to mention the institutions and political problems. Dysfunctionality that we encounter almost in the entire book, from the past systems, as gold standard to the present with currency wars to Renminbi constrained course. Many others questions are treated by one common realism that impose the prevailing of the Dollar; is not the GDP dimension the unique form of U.S.A. economy, (China is now the biggest) but for the liquidity of its market, the small turmoil of its political system, and not last, the rule of law.

The interesting conclusion is that the ample FDI direct to China can't compete with the stability of Dollar because the same China can't bring back its money from U.S. Bond (in this reading the motives that cause the state of art) without loss of money, that are intertwined with almost entire world into this single currency, perhaps full of debt, but undoubtful the only offsetting by the world of trade and finance engineering and its evils effects of exploitation &/or wellbeing: the Dollar. The finally hope is that the transformation take place in such fiat currency, but with the presence of many more currencies with less debt and more openness.

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